Stories - Adventure Series
Yellow Triangle
Red Circle
Twelve Adventure Stories

«Adventure Series» are magnificent coloured books that provide reading enrichment to extend and enhance learning and build the skills needed for young readers from 5 to 8 to become fluent and lifelong readers.

Each level has it’s own CD.

The Adventure Series are based on the current reading research in the US that identifies characteristics of a highly effective instructional program for young readers:
- Content familiar to children.
- Use of a large font that children can easily read.
- Engaging visual-stunning illustrations.
- Direct match between illustrations and text.

The School for Birds
ISBN: 9953-83-088-6
Where Did Skippy Go ?
ISBN: 9953-83-089-4
The Birthday
ISBN: 9953-83-090-8
How Whiskers Spent the Winter
ISBN: 9953-83-091-6
Little Red Riding Hood
ISBN: 9953-83-092-4
Max is Kind
ISBN: 9953-83-093-2
Lost in the Forest
ISBN: 9953-83-094-0
Celina’s Friends
ISBN: 9953-83-095-9
The Mouse Family's Car
ISBN: 9953-83-096-7
Stephen’s Fish
ISBN: 9953-83-097-5
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